Another Quest by dejan delic

'Another Quest' by Dejan Delic
Left to right: Trull, Fear, Rhulad, Hannan Mosag

Rhulad Sengar was a handsome Tiste Edur of House Sengar, fourth and youngest son of Tomad and Uruth.[1] His brothers were Fear, Trull, and the mage Binadas.

He was a brash and unsubtle young warrior who was still unblooded and unproven before his tribe. He was eager to strut before the opposite sex and as youngest was indulged by his brothers.[2] Rhulad misinterpreted Trull's reluctance to fight as weakness.[3]

Rhulad had clear, grey eyes.[4]

Midik Buhn was his childhood companion and the two were often found engaging each other in sword practice.[5]

In Midnight Tides Edit

Rhulad was born too late to participate in the Edur War of Unification like his brothers and was eager to prove himself.[6] He frequently tried to puff himself up in front of Mayen, his brother Fear's betrothed,[5] and he enjoyed tweaking Trull's suspicions that he and Mayen were having an affair.[7] Tomad was often cuttingly dismissive of his unblooded son, publicly upbraiding him for his immaturity.[8]

Rhulad, his brothers, and Midik and Theradas Buhn were sent out on a quest by Hannan Mosag to the ice fields to the east. They were to retrieve a 'gift' seen in the Warlock King's visions, but were warned not to touch it.[9] During the perilous trek, Trull found Rhulad sleeping at his post and beat him for his shocking dereliction of duty. Rhulad denied the charge despite evidence that intruders had entered the camp and stolen their food during his watch.[10]

The Sengar party soon discovered that the gift was a sword frozen in the ice. As they prepared to recover it, they were attacked by scores of bestial Jheck. During the fighting, Rhulad retrieved the sword and slew several of the beasts attempting to attack from the rear. The youngest Sengar fell to the Jheck spears, but as his brothers prepared to bring his body home they discovered the sword could not be removed from his hands. Fear was comforted by the knowledge that Rhulad had died blooded and a hero.[11]

After death, Rhulad found himself on a beach near the tent of the Crippled God. The god was angered that Hannan Mosag had used their alliance for personal power and to make his people unassailable. But the god demanded conquest. He resurrected Rhulad, promising him the sword would increase the young warrior's power every time he died. Rhulad eagerly accepted.[12]

Day 22 expensive by shadaan

Rhulad and Mayen by Shadaan

Rhulad's corpse returned to life just as the slave, Udinaas, completed the Edur ritual of encasing the body in a sheathe of coins and wax.[13] The reborn Rhulad was more balanced and assured, more hulking and bestial.[14] His voice was rough, raspy, and tinged with hysteria, and his skin was marred by burns wherever coins became dislodged.[15] He took control of the Edur from Hannan Mosag before a crowd of nobles, declared himself Emperor, and demanded his brothers and former king kneel before him. Once they did, he ordered Fear to surrender his betrothed, Mayen, to become his Empress, much to her horror.[16]

In Memories of IceEdit

Rhulad seated by Puck

Interpretation of Rhulad by Puckstein

Using his powers as Master of the Deck, Ganoes Paran found himself before the Throne of Shadow on Drift Avalii. The Throne spoke in his mind calling out for the protection of Anomander Rake. It warned that the Tiste Edur sought the Throne and that they had been corrupted and their souls poisoned. It also stated that they were led by a new Emperor of the Edur, the Tyrant of Pain and the Deliverer of Midnight Tides, who had been slain a hundred times.[17]

In The BonehuntersEdit

After Rhulad's ascension to emperor, he sent Ahlrada Ahn and a company of Arapay warriors in search of the betrayers, Fear and Udinaas. When they came back empty handed, Rhulad was enraged and would have ordered the searchers all executed but for the intervention of Hannan Mosag. The Warlock King was able to impose some control on the emperor, explaining that there was a great need for Tiste Edur warriors in the new empire and even more would be needed for the vast expeditions that were being planned.[18]

Ahlrada Ahn recalled how he and Rhulad's "brothers"—the Emperor's "new extended family of cowering fawners—had supported his banishment of Trull and particpated in the shorning.[19]

Rhulad promoted his father, Tomad, and Hanradi Khalag to Preda and placed them in charge of the Third Edur Imperial Fleet (implying there were at least two others). The fleet was sent across the world to Seven Cities where it spent nearly half a year sailing the subcontinent's northern coast torturing and murdering those they found while seeking a champion to duel their unkillable emperor to the death. Hanradi claimed to abhor these actions, but said he was required to follow his emperor's commands.[20] Ahlrada Ahn accompanied Tomad's command and blamed the shadow of the "insane creature" that sat on the Letherii throne for its cruelty.[21]

The Edur also sought to reclaim the Throne of Shadow on Drift Avalii through which they could reclaim and restore the shattered Kurald Emurlahn. Ahlrada Ahn considered whether the power of the healed warren could break Rhulad's curse.[22]

Hanradi's command found Karsa Orlong as its champion while Tomad found Icarium.[23][24]

Spoiler warning: The following section contains significant plot details about Rhulad Sengar.

In Reaper's GaleEdit

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Karsa v Rhulad by Enaglio

Interpretation of the fight between Karsa and Rhulad by Enaglio

He was finally slain by Karsa Orlong.

Rhulad on the arena by araiwein

Interpretation of Rhulad fighting Karsa in the arena by Araiwein

Significant plot details end here.

Rhulad's swordEdit

The Crippled God destroyed the Third Meckros city and rescued only Withal, a Meckros swordsmith. He enslaved the man to make a particular sword of his own design.[25] The result was a two-handed straight-bladed sword with a thin and strangely mottled blade. The blade was seemingly forged of polished iron and elongated black shards of some harder, glassier material, the surface of both cracked and uneven.[26][27][28] Only sorcery kept the blade's unusual materials from shattering at the first blow.[29] Its bell-hilt was shaped to resemble the links of a chain using the drawn twist technique of the Meckros.[28] Withal later mentioned that the black shards came from the broken pieces of two narrow-bladed, overlong knives.[30] It was possible that the shards were what was left of Silchas Ruin's swords which had been shattered by a K'Chain Che'Malle Matron's death-cry when the Tiste had invaded the Malazan world.[31]

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