Ribs was an old herding dog owned by Rancept, the castellan of Tulla Hold. He was at least twelve years old with a grey muzzle, oversized ears, and a narrow, fox-like head. His long, disheveled fur was grey-black and snarled with burrs and filth, and he was slightly cross-eyed.[1]

He had a preternatural intelligence that allowed him to work as a scout for Rancept as well or better than any human. He seemed to understand Rancept's speech and, if Rancept was believed, could communicate back through a wag of the tail or the droop of an ear.[2]

In Forge of DarknessEdit

Rancept used Ribs to help him and Sukul Ankhadu locate the Urusander's Legion raiders that attacked Orfantal's caravan on Tulla lands.[3] Later Ribs was discovered ensnarled on a river bank by Grizzin Farl, who rescued him and renamed him "Providence". Ribs returned the favor by leading the Azathanai to an unoccupied camp site before nightfall.[4]

In Fall of LightEdit

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