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Korel, aka Lands of Fist

Ring was a large walled city located along the eastern border of the Empire of Jourilan where the Lesser White River flowed into the Flow Strait and the Blight Sea. Its name was probably derived from the Ring Wall which lay almost directly north of the city.[1]

It was some hundred times the size of the city of Blight. From the hills overlooking the city an observer could see red and black tiled rooftops and towers as well as a tall bell tower and chapel of the Lady. The Cathedral of Our Lady stood in a broad open plaza, wide steps leading to its tall oaken doors.[2][3]

In StonewielderEdit

The fields outside the city were the site of the final battle between the Jourilan Empire and the Jourilan Army of Reform. Imperial Prince Ranur brought his Heavy cavalry and Jasston and Dourkan mercenaries against some fifty thousand peasant troops led by Commander Martal and Ivanr the Deliverer. The city itself burned in places as Reformist and Loyalist factions fought for control of precincts.[4]

The Reformists weathered a series of devastating charges before the tide of battle turned in their favour. Even a contingent of several thousand Ring citizens joined the battle's final moments. Afterwards the Reformists turned on the city's Loyalists, massacring them in the streets. Stormguard from the garrison on Ring Wall came to the Cathedral of Our Lady to protect the families hidden inside.[5]

In one final act of destruction, a massive tidal wave destroyed the city's docks and swept into the city. When it withdrew, it took countless souls with it.[6]

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