Ripan - variously referred to as a child, a boy, a lad or a youth - was the "offspring" of Old Man Moon, with whom Ripan lived in the Jungle of Himatan of eastern Jacuruku. Ripan, his head shaven, wore a cotton wrap around his waist. The boy carried with him a "crude handmade flute" on which he was able to play quite skillfully - producing tunes and a variety of sounds, both pleasant and otherwise. Ripan was described as having a "comely", "angelic face". The boy behaved mischievously and he tended to respond to Old Man Moon in a impudent fashion. It was Ripan's chief responsibility to carry out Moon's requests and orders - which Ripan acceded to, but typically in a sullen, bored, and/or resentful way, with much rolling of eyes.[1][2]

In Blood and BoneEdit

Ripan encountered Saeng and a badly injured Hanu in Himatan and called on Old Man Moon to deal with the situation. After examining Hanu, Moon said that he could heal Hanu if Saeng would return the favor by working to add to the tattoos that already almost completely covered the skin on Moon's body. So it was decided, and so it was done - along with Ripan's 'help'. During this time, Saeng began to suspect that Ripan was not actually a young boy. Old Man Moon talked while Saeng worked, telling her about himself and the moon, and about the relationship which he had with Ripan and his other "offspring".[3][4]

Later on, this dynamic was repeated - this time, however, with Pon-lor, who not only had suffered great physical trauma, but was also extremely ill. Saeng again gave Old Man Moon additional tattoos - Ripan again was there to 'assist' - in exchange for treatment for Pon-lor.[5]


"...Ripan had been tasked with watching the fire. This he pursued only in the most negligent manner, heaving loud aggrieved sighs..."
―Ripan 'helping' with the tattooing of Old Man Moon.[src]

Old Man Moon: "Never you mind Ripan, [Saeng]. He and my other offspring, they have no sympathy for me... Not as among you humans, I know. So long as I remain strong and whole they will remain in my shadow - so to speak. They are merely waiting. Waiting for my destruction or dissolution. Then all my power will devolve upon them... Is that not so, Ripan?"
Ripan: "I can hardly wait."
Saeng: "That is awful... You should honour your father. Wish him long life, health, prosperity."
Old Man Moon: "Yet is this not how it is among you [mortals]?...the old must make way for the young. The new generation replaces the prior. Is this not so?"
―remarks exchanged among Ripan, Old Man Moon and Saeng[src]

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