The Road of Gallan led to the magical portal that connected Kharkanas and the lands of the Tiste Andii with the human world.[1][2] The knowledge of the Road was passed down through generations of Shake as a legend, named after the poet Gallan of ancient Kharkanas.[3]

Riddle of the Road of GallanEdit

"The sea is blind to the road
And the road is blind to the rain
The road welcomes no footfalls
The blind are an ocean's flood
On the road's shore

Walk then unseeing
Like children with hands outstretched
Down to valleys of blinding darkness
The road leads down through shadows
Of weeping gods

This sea knows but one tide flowing
Into sorrow's depthless chambers
The sea is shore to the road
And the road is the sea's river
To the blind

When I hear the first footfalls
I know the end has come
And the rain shall rise
Like children with hands

I am the road fleeing the sun
And the road is blind to the sea
And the sea is blind to the shore
And the shore is blind
To the sea

The sea is blind...
―Riddle of the Road of Gallan
Shake chant[src]

In Dust of DreamsEdit

A portal was opened by Yan Tovis ('Twilight', Queen of the Shake) by giving her royal Tiste Andiian blood to the shore, which enabled the Shake witches, Pully and Skwish, to speak the 'Words of Sundering'. An impenetrable darkness emanated from the portal opening,[4] which the Shake refugees entered to begin their journey along the Road of Gallan.[5]

The loss of blood weakened Yan Tovis until she collapsed and the Road of Gallan dropped and slammed down atop hills, under a cloudless sky with multiple suns – the "underside of Gallan".[6] While there, Yedan Derryg (the 'Watch', Prince of the Shake) fought and killed a Forkrul Assail named Repose[7] as well as a group of five Tiste Liosan scout riders.[8]

When Yan Tovis was able to give blood again, the Shake refugees returned to the Road of Gallan[9] and continued their trek until they reached the ruins of Kharkanas.[10]

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