The Royal Apothecary was contained in a room set aside for the use of royal cutters - the room being located in the city of Farrog's Royal Palace.[1] The Apothecary, itself, was situated at the back of the cutters' room and consisted of shelves on which could be found "rows of phials, flasks, bottles and jars".[2] These containers held a variety of "healing salves, unguents", as well as some High Denul elixirs and other potions.[3]

In The Fiends of NightmariaEdit

A group of prisoners who had escaped from the Royal Palace dungeons[4][5] were injured, some badly, during a violent, chance encounter with a group of thieves - the 'Party of Five' - who had infiltrated the Royal Palace for their own purposes.[6]

The injured, escaped prisoners were taken to the Royal Apothecary in order to access the healing substances to be found there[7] - which proved to be highly efficacious. Two examples of medications available in the Apothecary were a salve which caused broken bones to knit properly in just hours,[8] as well as something called the 'Potion of Ineluctable Genius'.[9]

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