Rudd was a bhoka'rala-like familiar of Baruk. He was knee-high with a wizened face, long arms, and bandy legs. Unlike a normal bhok'arala, Rudd spoke Daru.[1]

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In Deadhouse GatesEdit

Rudd was sent by Baruk, along with Irp, to retrieve Coltaine's body and magically entrapped soul from the site of his crucifixion on the Aren Way.[2] Earlier Baruk had commissioned Quick Ben to create a small enchanted bottle of smoked glass to capture Coltaine's soul in case of his death. It had been delivered to the Fist through the Trygalle Trade Guild's Karpolan Demesand.[2][3][4]

Rudd was in charge of the pair as he was magically linked to the bottle. Unbeknownst to Baruk, Coltaine had given the bottle that they tracked to Duiker so it was the Imperial Historian's soul and corpse that was retrieved instead.[2]

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