Run'Thurvian was the Destriant of the Perish Grey Helms and sworn to Fanderay and Togg, the Wolves of Winter. He was described as a tall and gaunt bald man with fair skin wearing a heavy woolen robe of dark grey.[1] He spoke fluent Malazan.[1]

In The BonehuntersEdit

After the Last Siege of Y'Ghatan, Adjunct Tavore Paran's Bonehunters embarked on Admiral Nok's Malazan Imperial Fleet to return to Quon Tali. On the western coast of the Catal Sea they encountered thirty-one Perish Thrones of War. A war-canoe bearing Destriant Run'Thurvian, Mortal Sword Krughava, and Shield Anvil Tanakalian crossed from the Perish fleet's flagship to the Froth Wolf, where Adjunct Tavore commanded. The Perish introduced themselves and related how they had repelled a fleet of Tiste Edur, destroying twenty ships at a cost of four of their own.[1]

Run'Thurvian announced that they had been waiting for the Malazan fleet. He startled Nok by revealing that the Admiral's name was known to them. Then Krughava drew her sword and held it horizontally against her own chest as she spoke before the Adjunct:[1]

"I am Krughava, Mortal Sword of the Grey Helms of the Perish, sworn to the Wolves of Winter. In solemn acceptance of all that shall soon come to pass, I pledge my army to your service, Adjunct Tavore Paran. Our complement: thirty-one Thrones of War. Thirteen thousand and seventy-nine brothers and sisters of the Order. Before us, Adjunct Tavore, awaits the end of the world. In the name of Togg and Fanderay, we shall fight until we die."

Quick Ben and Kalam Mekhar observed the ceremony form the ship's forecastle. The High Mage became visibly uncomfortable when Run'Thurvian turned to face him and lock eyes. Then the Destriant smiled and bowed as the rest of crowd watched.[1]

Nok's fleet planned to pass through Shal-Morzinn territory, but Run'Thurvian warned against it, saying the sorcer-kings known as the Three would contest their passage because it pleased them and could perhaps utterly destroy the fleet. Instead he suggested they bypass their waters by using a ritual to open an enormous magic gate into the warren of Togg and Fanderay that would quickly bring them off the Dal Honese Horn in days rather than months. Somehow anticipating its need, the Destriant had been planning such a ritual for the past two years.[2]

The fleet made the trip in three days and found the Jakatakan Fleet awaiting them in the Horn Ocean. Run'Thurvian remained aboard the Froth Wolf, but the Adjunct hid him below deck when Commander Exent Hadar boarded to redirect them to Malaz City. The Destriant was confused when the 14th Army saluted the Jakatakan Fleet's departure by defecating off the sides of their ships en masse. He asked Fist Keneb if there was "no honour between elements of the Mezla military." He hoped that the relationship between the Adjunct and Empress Laseen was not as strained as it appeared because the 14th Army alone would not be enough for the task at hand.[3]

The Adunct's fleet travelled to Malaz City where the Empress awaited Tavore in Mock's Hold. The Froth Wolf and the Silanda moored at the city pier while the rest of the fleet remained anchored in the harbour. The entire city seethed with magically induced anger against the 14th Army and the soldiers of the Silanda prepared to defend both ships from the mob after the Adjunct was escorted away. When the attacks began, Run'Thurvian used his magic to extinguish the burning arrows that sought to set the Froth Wolf ablaze and maintained a barrier against magical assaults. This effort hardly taxed him and he held his true power in abeyance expecting a massed attack by the Claw.[4][5]

When Keneb declared that the 14th Army now belonged the Adjunct and damned the empire, the Destriant's eyes widened, then he bowed with a faint smile.[6]

In Dust of Dreams Edit

Run'Thurvian sailed with the Grey Helms to Lether.[7] As they approached the shores of Bolkando, he died in the presence of Shield Anvil Tanakalian.[8] Run'Thurvian disapproved of Tanakalian, who in turn disregarded the Destriant's dying warnings and neglected to report them to Krughava, the Mortal Sword.[9] The order was left without a Destriant after his death.[10]

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