Rusty Gauntlet was a drink introduced during a reading of the Deck of Dragons.[1]

In The BonehuntersEdit

During a reading of the Deck on board the Silanda, Fiddler explained that the Rusty Gauntlet was a drink which had just been invented by the inebriated Bottle. Bottle had been serving wine and Falari rum and apparently had mixed the two in Fiddler's cup. The drink was made up of equal measures of rum and wine. Fiddler then ordered a Rusty Gauntlet to be served to several others and had refills himself over the course of the game.[2]

In Dust of DreamsEdit

Bottle suggested that it might be time for a Rusty Gauntlet when Fiddler was about to perform a reading of the Deck in Letheras. Fiddler did not recognise what Bottle was talking about and Bottle explained that it was the drink Fiddler had invented (i.e. named) at the last reading. Fiddler then said there would be no alcohol at this reading.[3]

Notes and referencesEdit