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Rutu Jelba was a port city in northern Otataral Island[1] on the Seven Cities subcontinent. It was located on a narrow isthmus between the Otataral and Talgai Seas. Fiddler described it as a lizard-infested, orange-bricked cesspool.[2]

The city was a primary destination for Tanno pilgrims from Seven Cities. Tanno Drakes brought pilgrims to the city under the protection of a Spiritwalker or Mendicant.[3] A pilgrim trail led from the city through the Talgai Mountains to the Holy City of Karakarang.[4]

The city's people were known as the Jelban.[5]

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

Fiddler, Kalam, Crokus, and Apsalar passed through the city on their way from Darujhistan to Itko Kan via the Seven Cities subcontinent.[6]

In The BonehuntersEdit

Taxilian fled the Bluetongue Plague by taking a drake bound for Rutu Jelba. Two days from their destination they were attacked by the Third Edur Imperial Fleet.[3] Some time afterwards, the Tanno Spiritwalkers placed Otataral Island under self-imposed isolation. Once the plague was broken, they lifted the order and merchants from Rutu Jelba made their way to the mainland. They brought basic staples to trade, but found mostly empty villages.[7]

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