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Sa'yless Lorthal was Duiker's "unnamed marine" in Coltaine's 7th Army. She was over thirty and one of Captain Lull's veteran Sialk Marines.[1]

She had pale-blue eyes.[2]

In Deadhouse Gates[]

Duiker first met the marine when she accompanied him, Lull, and Nil on a mission to assassinate a Tithansi Warleader. While successful, they were nearly killed by the true threat, the Semk godling. In the mad scramble to escape, the marine carried an unconscious Nil while Duiker defended them against three Tithansi warriors. The marine was impressed by his impressive sword-play.[3]

A flirtation began between the two that was inhibited by Duiker's embarrassment over their age difference.[4][5] The pair fought side by side at the Battle of Gelor Ridge where the marine forced the issue after their victory and they consummated their affair.[6][7]

They fought together once again at Vathar Crossing, but by then their romance was over. Duiker said the decision had been mutual because each had "enough losses to deal with". Lull called them both fools.[8]

Spoiler warning: The following section contains significant plot details about Sa'yless Lorthal.

The historian never learned her name. The last time they saw each other, she gave him a piece of cloth with a note telling him to wait a while before reading it. He honoured her request, and she fell during the 7th Army's final battle outside the gates of Aren. But Duiker also died without ever getting the chance to read the note.

The note was found by Irp and Rudd when they went to retrieve the historian's body. All it contained was her name.[9]

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