Sagal's mother was a member of clan Barahn of the White Face Barghast. Sagal remembered that his mother had been "poor with words, her voice ever flat and cruel". She had taught him the "ways of the hunt" when he was a youngster on Genabackis.[1]

In Dust of DreamsEdit

Towards the end of the ultimate battle between the combined clans of the White Face and the Akrynnai and their allies - which took place on the central plains of Lether[2] - Sagal recalled some of his mother's words as he lay dying on this final battlefield. Sagal remembered what his mother had had to say to him on the occasion of his very first kill, that of a hare, while out hunting. Sagal's mother took advantage of this opportunity to draw parallels between this small death and the greater deaths that Sagal would be witnessing as he grew older and, especially, when he became a warrior.[3]


"It is easy to believe the well of life is bottomless, and that none but the spirits can see through to the far end of the eyes. To the end that is the soul...we soon discover that when the soul flees the flesh, it takes the depth with it. In [the eyes of that hare], Sagal, you have...seen the truth. And you will see it again and again. In every beast you slay. In the eyes of every enemy you cut down."
―Words of Sagal's mother to her son[src]


Sagal's mother was probably also the mother of his brothers: Maral Eb and Kashat. However, it was also perfectly possible that one, if not both, brothers were Sagal's half-siblings - it not being specified, one way or the other, in the text of Dust of Dreams.

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