The Sahul Fleet was in Admiral Nok's command in Seven Cities at the time of the Whirlwind rebellion. It was likely named for the Sahul Sea in which it operated. One wing of the fleet was known as the Cartheron Wing,[1] presumably named for former admiral Cartheron Crust.

The Sahul Fleet was one of at least two fleets known to be operating in Seven Cities at the time. The other fleet was the Kansu Fleet located at Ehrlitan.[2] A Malazan fleet was known to have been in Ubaryd, but it was not revealed if this was a portion of the Sahul Fleet or a third fleet.[3]

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In Deadhouse GatesEdit

Shortly before the start of the rebellion, High Fist Pormqual recalled Nok and his fleet from Hissar, where they had been assisting the newly installed Fist Coltaine and his Malaz 7th Army. The departure of the fleet caused considerable excitement among the non-Malazan residents of Hissar.[4]

Once in Aren, Pormqual ordered the fleet to remain idle in the city's harbour.[5]

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