Salvation was a new Unaligned card in the Deck of Dragons created by Ganoes Paran, the Master of the Deck.[1] It stood for the past or future.[citation needed]

"I think I need a new card. I think I'll call it Salvation. At the moment it is in the House of Chains' sphere of influence. But something tells me it will claw free of that eventually. Such a taint will not last. This card is an Unaligned. In every sense of the word. Unaligned, and likely destined to be the most dangerous force in the world."
―Ganoes Paran[src]

In a casting of the Deck, this card frequently represented an Ascendant, specifically one of the Unaligned. The position has been speculated to be held by Felisin Younger's faction.

In The BonehuntersEdit

Paran created the card near Hanar Ara after deciding not to order his army to slaughter Felisin Younger and her new cult of the Sha'ik Reborn. The cult had been established by the Crippled God, and the former Whirlwind war-chief Mathok predicted it would become a dangerous new plague.[1]

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