Sardic Thew was a pilgrim from Reliant City travelling across the Great Dry on the Cracked Pot Trail. He was tall and birdlike in appearance with oiled, raven feathered hair on his small, narrow head, which twitched in jerking bobs. His fine coat indicated he was a man of wealth and he was continually expectant that strangers would recognize him. The poet Avas Didion Flicker suspected he had once been known for his infamy, or at least his notoriety.[1]

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In Crack'd Pot TrailEdit

When the pilgrim caravan traveling to Farrog discovered the camps of the Finder guides were empty, Sardic adopted the role of host and organizer. He kept to this task even after the caravan ran out of food and its armed members started killing and butchering its "useless" poets and singers. As the caravan came to the end of the Great Dry, Flicker told a story to the already agitated group of Nehemothanai and Chanters that hinted that their quarry, the necromancers Bauchelain and Korbal Broach, were the true passengers in the Dantoc Calmpositis' carriage. Violence ensued and the carriage carrying the Dantoc plunged off the three hundred foot cliff to the river below. Looking down upon the wreckage, Sardic Thew paid Flicker handsomely for the Dantoc's assassination, stating that she was a "vicious beast" who had bought the debts of his family members and employed their young daughter in her pleasure pits.[2]

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