Captain Sawark was the Malazan commander of the guard in the Otataral mining camp, Skullcup.[1] He presided over the camp from his hexagonal tower keep.[2]

Sawark was described as a pale, thin, wiry man, devoid of fat. The muscles on his forearms resembled twisted cables. He wore a beard which he kept oiled and scented and kept his black hair short. He had watery green eyes, high cheekbones, and a wide mouth which rarely smiled.[3]

He worked with the crime lord Beneth to maintain order within the camp, and seemed to have an interest in underaged girls.[4]

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

Sawark summoned Beneth to his chambers to demand his assistance in apprehending the slave Baudin, who had broken curfew and killed three of his guards. Beneth offered the captain the services of Felisin Paran to appease him, but thinking her eighteen or nineteen, Sawark thought her too old.[5]

Later, as the camp fell to Gunnip and his insurgents, Sawark allowed Felisin and Heboric to escape. He told them to look south once they climbed out of the pit, then left to lead the doomed defense. When Felisin and Heboric reached the top, they saw Dosin Pali burning. The Whirlwind rebellion had begun.[6]

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