Scalissara was the Matron Goddess of Olives and the cherished protector of the city of Y'Ghatan. In the days of her supremacy, every foundling child was named after her if female, and, male or female, every abandoned child was taken into the temple to be fed, raised and schooled in the ways of the Cold Dream, the war between desire and necessity within a mortal's spirit.[1]

The Temple of Scalissara in the city was located in the city's center. It was an eight-sided, monstrously buttressed structure, with its inner dome a mottled hump of gold-leaf and green copper tiles. It was in abject disrepute after the Siege of Y'Ghatan.[1]

The great statues of Scalissara that once rose from the corners of the city’s outer fortifications, marble arms plump and fleshy, upraised, an uprooted olive tree in one hand, a newborn babe in the other, the umbilical cord wrapped snakelike up her forearm, then across and down into her womb, were destroyed in the last conflagration. Now, on three of the four corners, only the pedestal remained, bare feet broken clean above the ankles, and on the fourth even that was gone.[1]

Though the city was rebuilt, the people abandoned the goddess and the cult never rose again. Its temple now belonged to the Queen of Dreams.[1]

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