Scarza was a great hulking warrior with Trell blood and perhaps Thelomen blood as well.[1][2] He was the second in command to the Warleader.

In Blood and Bone Edit

Scarza, along with his professional army of mercenaries under the leadership of the Warleader arrived to the shores of the continent of Jacuruku, with the Warleader stating his intent on conquering the neighboring kingdom of the Thaumaturg using the tribes that inhabited this side while also disposing off the tribes themselves, called the Adwami.[1]

He struck up a friendship with Prince Jatal of the Hafinaj tribe. Scarza was also assigned to monitor Jatal's excursions when he was all alone for Jatal's safety.[2]

During the assault on Anditi Pura, Scarza showed diligence, throwing Yakshaka over the side of the walls and down.[3]

It later turned out that The Warleader had betrayed everyone, including the Adwami tribes and his own mercenary army, and left them on their own, with the Shaduwam priests using everyone they got their hands on for their own human sacrifices. Feeling betrayed, Scarza saved Jatal from a mob, and after escaping Anditi Pura, followed the Warleader along side Jatal to take revenge for his men and the betrayal.[4]

The two caught up with the Warleader, and when it became clear that he was Kallor and could not be killed, Scarza walked away from him, despite Kallor demanding Scarza stay.[5]

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