Sceptre (title) was the appellation that the Akrynnai people of central Lether used to refer to their Ruler-Warleader.[1]

In Dust of DreamsEdit

Irkullas, at the time of the breakout of hostilities between the Akrynnai and the White Face Barghast, had been 'Sceptre' for some thirty years. During this time Sceptre Irkullas had been an extremely successful warleader and an effective ruler of the Akrynnai. Although the Sceptre had reached an age when he would have preferred a quiet life, he did not hesitate to wage war on the Barghast, who had been the provocateurs of the hostilities.[2]


Whether or not the title, "Sceptre", was unique to Irkullas in particular, or to the Akrynnai in general, was never mentioned. Therefore it was unknown if 'Sceptre' had been the traditional form of address of the Akrynnai Ruler-Warleader for generations, or not. However and whenever the title originated, it was presumably based on the fact that sceptre/scepter, as a word, could be used to describe a staff held by rulers as a ceremonial insignia of their rank and, thus, of their sovereignty.[3]

Notes and referencesEdit

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