Scillara was a camp follower[1] of Sha'ik's army in the Raraku desert. She was described as voluptuous with a throaty laugh, catching the eye of many an admirer.

Scillara's mother had been a camp follower of the Ashok Regiment, and her father one of its soldiers. When the regiment was sent overseas, she and her mother were abandoned and left behind like all the others. Her mother soon sickened and died leaving the child alone.[2] Eventually, she was taken under care by High Mage Bidithal and forcibly circumcised.[3]

She smoked Rustleaf.[4]

In House of ChainsEdit

Scillara had learned to forget her outrage and become fully committed to Master Bidithal. She anticipated the day when her master would allow her to free other girls from pleasure the same way she had been delivered, although she sometimes recognised her thinking was confused.[5]

Bidithal prostituted her to Korbolo Dom, to spy on his rival's activities. Dom kept Scillara intoxicated on Durhang, but she developed a level of resistance to the drug that left her more aware than he suspected.[6] Twice she had become pregnant with his seed, but Bidithal supplied her with bitter teas to flush the child from her body.[5] Scillara reported details of Dom's meetings with Febryl and Kamist Reloe back to her master.[7]

When the time came for Dom and his fellow conspirators to move against Sha'ik, Febryl's men took Scillara into custody to permanently silence Bidithal's spy. One guard attempted to rape her first, but Scillara seized his weapon and killed him. Before the second guard could act, he was killed by Heboric. The Destriant of Treach then force healed Scillara to reverse the circumcision.[8][9]

On the eve of the Battle of Raraku, L'oric sent Felisin Younger, Heboric, and Scillara off to safety in the company of his demon, Greyfrog.[10] They soon found their way to Tesem and the company of Iskaral Pust and Cutter.[11]

In The BonehuntersEdit

The group, now joined by Cutter, set out on a quest to return Heboric to Otataral Island. By this time Scillara knew she was pregnant, likely by Korbolo Dom or one of his officers, and was just beginning to show. She was unclear what to do with a child: sell it, teach it to beg or steal, or prostitute it as she had seen others others do? She chose to delay any decision.[4] Along the way, Greyfrog killed Guthrim and a group of bandits in a spectacularly violent manner when they tried to assault Scillara and Felisin while Cutter and Heboric were away from camp.[12] She often engaged Heboric in sharp-tongued conversation over matters of faith and philosophy.[13]

On their journey, the group was set upon by The Unbound, the T'lan Imass servants of the Crippled God, who killed Heboric and kidnapped Felisin, leaving Scillara, Cutter, and Greyfrog for dead.[14] Scillara and Cutter were found by the locals of Barathol Mekhar's village and nursed back to health. Scillara gave birth in that village, but chose to leave the newborn girl with blue tinged skin in the care of two local childless women. This caused much consternation among the village women and High Mage L'oric, who had arrived too late to protect Felisin Younger.[15]

When Scillara and Cutter had recuperated they continued on their journey, planning to bring Heboric's body to the island as planned. Barathol joined them on the journey to the coast as L'oric had recognised him from his infamous past. The simple man-child, Chaur, followed his friend Barathol and could not be convinced to turn back.[16]

She began to warm to Cutter and suggested they bury Heboric's body on the coast once they reached the island rather than waste time traveling inland. She spoke of returning with him to Darujhistan to become a thief, and anticipated new adventures in an exotic new city. She enjoyed baiting the young Daru and Barathol asked Cutter if he had ever seen an animal led slaughter. Cutter could only respond with confusion.[17] Soon Scillara and Cutter were sleeping together and Barathol hoped Scillara could ease the haunted look in Cutter's eyes and not damage him further.[18]

They came to a village on the coast, empty and depopulated by the Bluetongue Plague, where Cutter found a carrack, Sanal's Grief. They loaded it with their supplies and when they were under sail.[19] Their journey across the Otataral Sea was interrupted by the appearance of a dozen suns plummeting from the sky. A hail of fiery debris destroyed their carrack, and Chaur grasped Heboric's wrapped corpse as it disappeared into the depths. Barathol dived in after him. Scillara and Cutter were spotted and carried to a nearby ship by Spite in her Soletaken Eleint form, while Barathol swam to the ship with Chaur in his arms.[20]

Later, Scillara admitted to being happier without the drugs and drink that had once kept her intoxicated. It was fun not to miss things. She decided she and Cutter would find together whatever happiness they could get.[21]

In Toll the HoundsEdit

Ultimately, Scillara ended up in Darujhistan, Genabackis, and befriended the regulars of both K'rul's Bar and of the Phoenix Inn.

In Orb Sceptre ThroneEdit

Scillara married Barathol Mekhar and had a child with him named Chaur.[22]


An image of Scillara painted by author Steven Erikson can be found here.

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