The Sea-Folk were clans of fishermen on Fist who followed the old ways from before the time of the Lady. The entire extended family lived together and travelled by long boats, often moving from place to place. They were known to settle in some places long enough to build huts out of piled stone with slate roofs.[1]

The Sea-Folk primarily ate raw fish and seafood. They covered their skin with animal fat to keep warm and to waterproof their clothing. The resulting stink made them off putting to outsiders.[2]

As long as they kept to themselves, they were largely ignored by their more settled neighbors, but no one welcomed them. Some nations like Jourilan, pillaged from their vessels when found in open water in the name of taxation or took captives to sell to the Stormwall.[3] Others sent priests in an attempt to convert the Sea-Folk to worship of the Lady. The Sea-Folk considered missionaries to be mostly harmless, but had no interest in worshipping the goddess they knew as Shrikasmil, the Destroyer. Instead the Sea-Folk worshipped their traditional gods, such as the Sea-Father, the Sky-Father, the Dark-Taker, the Fertile Mother, and the Enchantress. One missionary who attempted to sexually molest their young boys was drowned in the name of the Sea-Father.[4]

Notable Sea-Folk[edit | edit source]

In Stonewielder[edit | edit source]

Blues of the Crimson Guard hired Orzu and his clan to take his squad to Korel Island. There Orzu "sold" them to the Stormguard so that they could infiltrate the Stormwall to rescue Iron Bars.[5] Later, Orzu's clan was nearly overcome by a massive tidal wave that came from the direction of the Stormwall.[6]

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