Sechul Lath, also known as "Knuckles", was thought to be a Forkrul Assail and an Elder God, the Lord of Chance and Mischance, Caster of Knuckles. His mother was Kilmandaros.

In Midnight TidesEdit

Shortly after the sundering of Kurald Emurlahn, the Malazan world was invaded through a violent rent by the combined armies of Silchas Ruin's Tiste Andii and Scabandari Bloodeye's Tiste Edur. The invaders defeated an army of K'Chain Che'Malle before Scabandari betrayed Silchas and murdered his surviving Andii. The Jaghut, Gothos, was observing the betrayal from a nearby ridge when he sensed the presence of an Elder God come in answer to the rift between world. Before learning it was Mael he considered it likely to be one of a number of other gods, including Sechul Lath.[1]

In Reaper's Gale Edit

The Tiste Edur Warlock King, Hannan Mosag, sent Bruthen Trana to find the soul of Brys Beddict.[2] Bruthen Trana came across an underwater Azath House where he had a glass of wine with Knuckles and Kilmandaros.[3] The two were playing a contentious game with small bones. After a violent outburst by Kilmandaros, Knuckles 'stilled the grains' (ie, stopped time) temporarily so his mother would have longer to look for a pattern in the bone arrangement.[4]

In Dust of Dreams Edit

Knuckles accompanied the Errant and Kilmandaros as they schemed to regain the power they once held. Unknown to the Errant, Sechul Lath and Kilmandaros were secretly plotting against him.

It was also revealed that the twins known as Oponn were Sechul Lath's children.

In The Crippled GodEdit

Sechul Lath helped to free the Otataral Dragon, but after freeing her the plan went awry. The Errant fled the chaos, never to be heard from again.

Later, Draconus manifested himself and destroyed both Kilmandaros and Sechul Lath in retaliation for what they had accomplished. As Sechul lay close to death and Draconus had gone, Oponn manifested beside their father in his final moments, promising to track down the Errant and give him a "push" for leading Sechul Lath to his death.

In Forge of DarknessEdit

Sechul Lath was revealed to be an Azathanai, the youngest son of Grizzin Farl and Kilmandaros, and the half-brother of Errastas.[5] Described as "weak" and "a follower", Sechul fell under the influence of his older brother.[6] Together, they murdered Karish, the wife of Hood.[7]


Knuckles: "If there is one presence I would find unwelcome above all others, Errastas, it is Olar Ethil."
Errastas: "She is dead—"
Knuckles: "And supremely indifferent to that condition..."
Errastas conspiring with Knuckles[src]

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