Lady Sedara Orr was the niece of Turban Orr, of Darujhistan, Genabackis. Lady Sedara had arranged with the Trygalle Trade Guild for a Trygalle Guild caravan to take her on a mission of exploration to determine the creatures to be found in a "primal" realm (an extremely ancient Jaghut underworld) which was located on the other end of Verdith'anath (aka the 'Bridge of Death'). However, Sedara Orr, Darpareth Vayd (the Trade Mistress who was in charge of the Trygalle Trade Guild caravan escorting Lady Sedara), along with the entire Trygalle Guild equipage of horses, carriage, and Trygalle Guild shareholders had all been missing, without a trace, for some two years.[1]

In The BonehuntersEdit

The horseless, people-less, severely damaged Trygalle Trade Guild carriage - which had been carrying Lady Sedara Orr - was finally stumbled upon by another Trygalle Guild caravan being run by the merchant-mage, Karpolan Demesand, who had been escorting his client, on a different Guild mission but that had, as it happened, been taking the same route, and going to the same destination as that of Darpareth Vayd's lost caravan.[2]

Proceeding warily from that point on,[3] Karpolan Demesand's Trygalle Guild caravan eventually discovered the very dead, very decayed, bodies of Lady Sedara Orr and Darpareth Vayd. The two women had met a terminal, not to mention terrible, fate at the hands of some unknown (apparently non-native) inhabitants of the area (or visitors to it) - who had bloodily sacrificed Lady Sedara and the Trygalle Trade Guild Trade Mistress for some ritualistic purpose of their own.[4]


"It seems this realm is home to numerous entities, powers long forgotten, buried in antiquity. The [Trygalle Trade Guild's] mission [for Lady Sedara Orr] involved an assay [by Lady Sedara] of such creatures."
―Karpolan Demesand explaining what had been the purpose of Lady Sedara Orr's Trygalle Trade Guild mission[src]

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