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The Seerdomin were the fanatical bodyguard and assassin sect of the Pannion Domin.[1] They were considered "the Gifted among the Pannion Seer's children. Warriors without parallel, yet learned as well."[2] They often held leadership positions among the Seer's other troops, both administratively in his temples[2] and during battle.[3] Used as the Pannion Domin's shock troops,[4] they were no less cruel and inhumane then the Tenescowri, pausing to rape enemy soldiers amidst the chaos of a battle.[5]

The Seerdomin wore heavy armour sometimes described as pale-coloured[6] and other times as arcane and black-wrought.[2][6] Grilled face-baskets in their helms hid their faces and they carried heavy, short-handled, double-bladed battleaxes in their gauntleted hands.[6][7]

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