A nameless Seerdomin was Septarch Ultentha's most trusted servant in Coral.[1]

He was a native of Coral, and unlike the other warrior-priests of the Pannion Domin, expressed regret at the fate that had befallen his city. He was the eldest son of a fisherman whose family had embraced the Faith. His mother had joined the Tenescowri while his brothers had joined the ranks, his sisters had nakedly clung to older men, and he had begun schooling as a Seerdomin. Eventually, his unbelieving father had abandoned them all and the Seerdomin had silently wished him luck.[2]

In Memories of IceEdit

The Seerdomin took responsibility for tending the Pannion Seer's mutilated and disabled prisoner, Toc the Younger, and showed him unexpected compassion. He lent Toc his cloak when he was cold and helped shoulder his weight when he walked.[3] He argued against keeping Toc within the harmful embrace of the Seer's K'Chain Che'Malle Matron. When his advice was ignored, he placed Toc in the cave with the Matron but outside her reach. The Seerdomin was visibly moved when the physically broken Toc offered him compassion in return.[4] It was unclear whether he survived the Siege of Coral, but he may have been the Seerdomin who represented the surrendered forces of the Domin afterwards.[5]


Circumstantial evidence seems to point to the nameless Seerdomin reappearing in a later book.

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