Sekara the Vile was the wife of Warchief Stolmen. She had a particular hatred for Hetan.

"She was regal in her attire, bedecked in gifts from the most talented among the tribe’s weavers, spinners, seamstresses, bone and antler carvers, jewel-smiths and tanners-gifts that were given to win favour, or deflect Sekara’s envy. When one had power, after all, envy ceased to be a flaw of character; instead, it became a weapon, a threat; and Sekara worked it well, so that now she was counted among the wealthiest of all the White Face Barghast."
―Description of Sekara[src]

In Dust of DreamsEdit

She plotted with Maral Eb to take control of the White Face Barghast. After her husband fell, she stood to the right of Maral Eb in command. Participating in the 'Final Battle of the White Faces'. 

When Draconus was released she was one of the only survivors of the battle, unfrozen by the terrible cold which encapsulated the entire White Face and Akrynnai forces. However her fingers were frozen.

Insane and gangrenous she stumbled upon Draconus in the Wastelands, whom delivered the act of mercy snapping her neck.

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