Selal was a young girl who lived in Ehrlitan.

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

She was the younger of two girls who were snatched by a simharal in Ehrlitan after their nurse was killed by a member of a passing troop of Red Blades. The pimp was prevented from despoiling them by Fiddler who had seen what had happened and followed the man. As Fiddler came across them, the simharal was holding down Selal and fumbling at the older girls leggings. After a short haggle, Fiddler bought the girls for two Jakatas. Selal seemed to have fallen asleep in his arm and he asked the older one, about nine or ten years of age, to lead them to their home.

When they got there, it turned out that their grandfather was the Tanno Spiritwalker, Kimloc. Kimloc ordered for a Healer to look at the sleeping Selal and draw her gently back into the world. She was then handed to a guard who left with both girls to convey them to the Healer.[1]

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