Selush was a dresser of the dead in Letheras. She ran the Stinking House with her assistant, Padderunt.[1]

"Selush of the Stinking House was tall and amply proportioned, yet her most notable feature was her hair. Twenty-seven short braids of the thick black hair, projecting in all directions, each wrapped round an antler tine, which meant that the braids curved and twisted in peculiar fashion. She was somewhere between thirty-five and fifty years of age, the obscurity the product of her formidable talent as a disguiser of flaws. Violet eyes, produced by an unusual ink collected from segmented worms that lived deep in the sand of the south island beaches, and lips kept full and red by a mildly toxic snake venom that she painted on every morning."
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She said men sometimes screamed when they saw her.[1]

In Midnight TidesEdit

Tehol Beddict paid for Selush's services to "enhance" Shurq Elalle's appearance in exchange for Shurq's cooperation in his plans. Selush scoured, scraped, bleached, and disinfected Shurq's body and rubbed fragrant and preserving oils into her skin. She pumped all of the muddy canal water out of Shurq's lungs before infusing them with cinnamon and myrrh. It was also Selush who "installed" the voracious ootooloo that reawakened Shurq's nerves to pleasurable feelings and brightened and reinvigorated her flesh.[1]

Shurq had to call on Selush a second time after the thief fell from a roof and impaled her forehead on an iron bar.[2] Selush removed the bar and plugged the hole with a gem in a silver setting.[3]

News of the Tiste Edur invasion and the coming fall of Letheras left Selush both apprehensive and hopeful. She began work producing grey foundation makeup in anticipation of fashion trends to be inspired by their grey-skinned conquerors. The first line was inspired by Shurq and Selush called it Dead Thief of the Night. She planned to hide in her basement for a few days until the new rulers settled in.[3]

In Reaper's GaleEdit

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