The Semk were a Seven Cities tribe centered in the Karas Hills and Steppes who had an avowed hatred of all who were not Semk.[1][2] They had a reputation as fierce warriors who kept captive enemies alive so that they could torture them. During battle, they covered themselves in ash and fought in a wild, undisciplined manner. They were feared by the Tithansi.[3][4]

The Semk's tribal god was an ancient and vicious Ascendant who granted the tribe's sorcerers their powers.[5]

The Semk of the South Clan were known to cover their bodies in tattoos.[6]

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

The Semk tribe joined the army of the Whirlwind's attack on Fist Coltaine's Chain of Dogs at the Battle of Sekala Crossing, in alliance with Kamist Reloe. The Semk challenged Coltaine's troops on the western side of the ford over the Sekala River while Reloe's army attacked from the east.

The uncaring Semk god channeled his rage through the Semk wizards, blasting many into dust, while their ostensible allies, the Guran legions, stood idly by. Coltaine's army managed to complete the river crossing and destroy the ford behind them with Moranth munitions before shattering the Semk troops.[7]

Further compounding their loss, the Wickan warlock Sormo E'nath summoned earth spirits to consume and dissipate the Semk god.[8] A portion of the god returned as the Semk godling, but it transferred its loyalties to the Tithansi. The Semk fought ferociously at the Battle of Gelor Ridge but were no match for the disciplined fighters of the Malazan marines.[9]

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The woman Jastara, a member of the Khundryl Burned Tears, at one point claimed to be a Semk. It is unclear if this was a deliberate wording or a continuity mistake. Follow the link to her page for further details.

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