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Sepik was a city, island, and kingdom (all of the same name) - made up of two islands located to the northwest of the continent of Seven Cities. To the north of Sepik was the Dryjhna Ocean while to its south was the Sepik Sea, with Nemil lying to its southwest. To the northeast of the main island of Sepik was the island city of Monkan, which was also part of the Sepik Kingdom.

The Sepik Kingdom was an Imperial principality and a remote protectorate of the Malazan Empire. This relationship of Sepik and the Malazan Empire had come about because the then reigning King of Sepik had been wise enough to send representatives to Kellanved, the Malazan emperor, proposing conditions of surrender (rather than waiting to be conquered) - which the emperor had then simply accepted - making Sepik a vassal of his Empire.[1]

There were two distinct populations making up the inhabitants of Sepik - one subject to the other.[2] The indigenous people, actually of Tiste Edur derivation, had long been subjugated, enslaved and degraded. This Edur underclass were called "Rulhun'tal ven'or" or the 'Mudskins' (because of their characteristically Tiste Edur greyish skin).[3]

In The Bonehunters Edit

The entire non-Edur population of both Sepik and Monkan were slain, the then King of Sepik being killed last - after being forced to watch his "beloved subjects" being tortured to death.[4] This genocide of the Sepik ruling class (the majority of its populace) had been carried out by members of one of the two Tiste Edur exploration fleets that had been sent around the world by Rhulad Sengar, the Tiste Edur emperor of the Letherii Empire.[5] Leaving Sepik, full now only of the rotting dead, the Tiste Edur of the fleet took with them all their distant kin, the 'Mudskins', as the fleet travelled back to Letheras, the capital of the Letherii Empire.[6]

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