"I cannot retreat from disorder, for it shall surely follow. Peace must be asserted where one finds oneself. Only when discord is resolved will there be peace."

Serenity was a Forkrul Assail.

He was described as a tall, spectral figure with white skin and pallid yellow hair, which hung in limp strands. He wore a leather harness that was wrinkled and blackened with rot.[1]

In Midnight Tides Edit

Serenity was magically bound within a warded barrow in the ancient ruins surrounding the Letherii village of Brous. After the Tiste Edur invasion of Lether, the village's garrison commander, Finadd Arlidas Tullid, declared Brous independent of Letheras. He sought allies against the coming Edur army and ordered his Mage, Urger, to recover the Demon within the barrow and bind it to their service.[2]

Serenity's presence attracted the attention of the Edur Warlock King, Hannan Mosag, as Emperor Rhulad Sengar's army made its way towards Brans Keep. Thinking it might be used as a weapon against them, the emperor and his entourage traveled to Brous to investigate.[3]

Rhulad, Fear, Trull, and their entourage, which included Udinaas, a K'risnan, and two Kenryll'ah tyrant brothers, found the village destroyed and its people slaughtered by the Forkrul Assail. Rhulad's K'risnan was unable to banish the creature and it attacked, saying it desired peace. Serenity killed Rhulad before being driven off by Trull and the two Kenryll'ah. The two demons declared they had never heard of the Forkrul Assail race, but were determined to hunt Serenity down and let him know they did not like them. They pursued him excitedly.[4] The brothers eventually caught up to the Assail and threw him headfirst down a vast and deep hole.[5]

In The Crippled God Edit

Brother Serenity was revealed to be a Forkrul Assail Pure, one of the Lawful Inquisitors.[6] Serenity led Commander Erekala and his Perish Grey Helms against Paran's Host. He was assassinated by Quick Ben and Kalam Mekhar.

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