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Map showing the spread of the Pannion Domin.

The empty city of Setta was located at the northern tip of the Pannion Domin's territory, south-west of Lest, and due east of the Vision Mountains. It lay on the banks of the Setta River, from which the city took its name, and which flowed to the Rust Ocean near Lest.[1] The Maurik River also passed close by on its way to the city of the same name. It was larger in size than Capustan.[2] Setta was larger than Capustan.[2]

The city had been annexed by the Pannion Domin forces under the command of Septarch Kulpath. It took three weeks to beat back the city's defenders who presented a unified and well organised front, but who were ultimately no match for the Domin's sheer numbers.[2]

Lest and Setta were producers of fine silks of pale yellow.[3]

Quick Ben referred to a saltworm that proliferated within the mines of the dry seabeds of Setta. They were long, thin, and red as blood with ridges and leg-like cilia along their length. They were able to turn the hardest pan of clay into sand and bred like maggots.[4]

In Memories of Ice[]

Captain Ganoes Paran and the Bridgeburners were the first outsiders to visit Setta after it had fallen to the Pannion Domin. Arriving by Quorl in the dark, they found the city empty but for feast-piles of human bone and ash left by the Tenescowri in the city's squares. There were also large nests atop the city's four towers where the Pannion Seer's condor servants bedded for the night.[5]

High Fist Dujek Onearm's army passed by Setta on its way to Maurik where it was to reunite with Caladan Brood's allied army.[6]

Notes and references[]


  • Among the silks the man recognised the dyed lavender twists and bolts of Illem, the pale yellows of Setta and Lest - two cities to the southeast he knew had been annexed by the Pannion Seer in the last month - and the heavy bold twists of Sarokalle. • GotM, US HC, p.169