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Central Letheras

Settle Lake was a small and decrepit but extremely deep lake in the centre of Letheras.[1][2] Due to the drowning of the only fisherman who attempted to fish in this lake, fishermen avoided the lake entirely.[1] Access to the lake was through the crooked and narrow Wormface Alley.[3]

History and Geography[]

Eleven rivers fed into the marshland that was the site of the city of Letheras. Therefore, these rivers provided water for the lake, which had formed up modestly in terms of length and breadth, but was very deep. Long before the area was settled as the city of Letheras, geographers predicted that water had converged from all those rivers into what was now the lake.[1]

In Midnight Tides[]

Hannan Mosag's Demon spirit-god travelled up the Lether River as part of the Tiste Edur conquest of Letheras. Ceda Kuru Qan lured the beast to Settle Lake where it was trapped in a prison of ice by a Jaghut Huntress. The entire event was witnessed by a drunken Ursto Hoobutt and Pinosel.[4]

In Reaper's Gale[]

The icy ritual imprisoning the demon god began to come undone because of the meddling of Hannan Mosag and Sukul Ankhadu.[5] While observing the deteriorating state of the demon's bonds, the Errant was temporarily overcome by its helpless rage.[6]

Ormly travelled to the lake to await Brys Beddict's return. He found Ursto Hoobutt and Pinosel enjoying a picnic on the lake's shore and called them the lake's "fell guardians." He remarked that the Old Palace contained a six hundred-year-old painting depicting a similarly ugly couple sitting in the same spot. Ursto volunteered that both had had better days when they still had worshippers. When Brys surfaced at the lake's shore, Ursto asked him the demon's true name. The Jaghut Huntress later returned to find her ritual near its end and Hannan Mosag awaiting his former servant's release. She killed the Warlock King, then shared a drink with Ursto and Pinosel after they informed her they could send the demon away for good now that they had its true name.[7]

Notes and references[]