"The king who rules at the Seventh Closure shall be transformed and so shall become the First Emperor reborn."
―Prophecy of the Seventh Closure[src]

The Seventh Closure was a prophesied renaissance among the people of the Kingdom of Lether,[1] an ancient former colony of the First Empire. Popular belief held that the Letherii had been left isolated for seven thousand years after the collapse of the empire. As a result of the coming closure, the First Empire would be reborn and King Ezgara Diskanar would Ascend and assume the title of First Emperor.[2]

Ceda Kuru Qan thought the true prophecy to be more obscure than common wisdom and likely misinterpreted as a result of transcribing errors and changes in language. He suspected that it had been much longer than seven thousand years since the fall of the empire, and suggested that more than one zero had been dropped from the end of the true number. He also pondered the meaning of the words "transform" and "reborn".[2]

The Seventh Closure marked the birth of the Eighth Age.[3]

In Midnight TidesEdit

The advent of the Eight Age did not unfold as the Letherii expected. King Ezgara was crowned First Emperor in the Eternal Domicile as Tiste Edur emperor Rhulad Sengar and his army approached Letheras. But the Letherii had miscalculated the date and the coronation took place two days early.[4]

The true Seventh Closure took place on the day Rhulad entered the capital and placed the crown on his own head, signifying his title as emperor of the new Letherii Empire.[5]

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