Sever was a Forkrul Assail Inquisitor.[1]

In Dust of DreamsEdit

Sever was one of a group of Forkrul Assail who were chasing the Snake. They had originally numbered twelve but were reduced to four by the time Sever appeared by name, the other three being Sister Scorn, Sister Rail and Brother Adroit.[1]

With Sever's group was her son, Brother Beleague. When he died during the pursuit, their leader, Sister Scorn, the only Adjudicator amongst them, took Beleague's weapon, and passed it to Sever. She reluctantly took the staff, which she herself had made and given to him. She took comfort knowing that her husband's daughter, Brayderal from context, was still alive and insinuating herslef amongst the children.[2]

When the group finally attacked the children, they were driven away by Badalle with one of her poems. Some of Sever's group survived the onslaught but it is not known if Sever was on of them.[3] It was likely that those who escaped did not survive long as they had no food, water or shelter.[4]

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