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A Shadow wraith, or Shadow-wraith, was a torn soul from Kurald Emurlahn.[1] They were dark, insubstantial figures that appeared like flowing shadow.[2] They had red eyes and long-clawed hands.[3][4] Shadow wraiths were likely impervious to normal weapons, but vulnerable to Otataral infused blades.[5] They were capable of screaming.[5]

They could invade the minds of others to search their thoughts or speak directly to them alone.[6]

Only the strongest wielders of Kurald Emurlahn could conjure such a creature when drawing from the life-force of their own shadows.[7]

Notable shadow wraiths[]

In House of Chains[]

Shadow wraiths served High Mage Bidithal within Sha'ik Reborn's camp at Raraku. On the eve of the Battle of Raraku, Bidithal and Kalam Mekhar clashed, with Bidithal sending his wraiths against the Bridgeburner assassin. Kalam's otataral blade proved deadly to the wraiths, but only Cotillion's sudden assistance prevented Kalam from being overwhelmed. Kalam walked away from the battle with his clothes torn to pieces.[8]

In Midnight Tides[]

The Tiste Edur of northwestern Lether had tens of thousands of shadow wraith slaves who were the spirits of Silchas Ruin's Tiste Andii who had fallen to the Father Shadow's treachery thousands of years before. Gothos' ritual to preserve the battlefield had torn loose their spirits and prevented them from passing on to the gates of death.[9][10] During their war with the Kingdom of Lether, the Edur used the wraiths to scout and harass the enemy and as fodder during major battles. Fifty to sixty thousand wraiths were believed to have perished at the Battle of Brans Keep alone.[11]

Edur Warlock King Hannan Mosag possessed a hulking shadow wraith bodyguard. It carried two long and indistinct blades and wore what appeared to be shadowy plate armour, gauntlets, and a helm. The wraith was silent, never sleeping, and ever vigil.[7]

In Reaper's Gale[]

Despite dreams of escape, shadow wraiths remained bound into service of Emperor Rhulad Sengar's Letherii Empire. They were sent as spies and scouts to seek out Silchas Ruin, Fear Sengar, and Udinaas as they journeyed into the Bluerose Mountains. Their Edur masters were able to see through their eyes.[12]

Ruin discovered inumerable Andii shadow wraiths dwelling in Andara, the hidden refuge of the Onyx Wizards. Denied entrance to Hood's Realm by Gothos' ritual, they had fled to Andara to evade slavery under the Tiste Edur.[13]

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