Shadowkeep was the site of Shadowthrone's throne within the warren of Shadow. It appeared to be "an enormous lump of black glass, fractured with curving planes, rippled in places, with some corners glistening white as if crushed." Parts of the structure seemed to be made of mottled, dull, and weathered obsidian while others seemed partially translucent and glowing from within. The structure contained no doors, windows, or gates, but was entered seemingly by passing directly through the stone.

Inside, the Shadowkeep appeared like any other mundane estate. A corridor barren of trappings led to a domed room occupied by a simple raised obsidian throne. The keep was lit by torches which struggled to hold back the shadows.[1]

The keep's image was carved onto the altars of the temples of Shadow.[2]

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

After making his way to the warren of Shadow, Quick Ben was guided to the Shadowkeep by the Hounds of Shadow for an audience with Shadowthrone. There he made a deal with the realm's ruler to involve the Hounds in the events surrounding the Gedderone Fête in Darujhistan and lift the Rope's reward from his own neck.[3]

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