Shan was a Hound of Shadow.[1]

Described as "long, black and sleek," Shan's eyes glowed red.[2] In Deadhouse Gates, Mappo Runt described her preferred mode of attack as "a true killer's, an assassin's," also stating that he feared Shan above all the other Hounds.[3]

In Gardens of the Moon Edit

In 1161 BS, Shan and the other Hounds were summoned by Shadowthrone to eliminate a regiment of the Itko Kanese 8th Cavalry to disguise his and Cotillion's abduction of Sorry.[4] The Hounds killed 175 soldiers and 210 horses in the Itko Kan Massacre while suffering no casualties of their own.[5]

Two years later, when Quick Ben intruded in the Warren of Shadow, the Hounds were quick to confront him. He greeted each by name, including Shan, and they herded him to Shadowkeep for an audience with Shadowthrone.[6]

With Quick Ben's aid, all seven Hounds ran the trespassing puppet Hairlock to ground on the Rhivi Plain and tore him to pieces before confronting Ganoes Paran. Paran's life was spared by the intervention of the Tiste Andii, Anomander Rake. Rake slew Doan and Ganrod with his soul stealing sword Dragnipur and drove off the others.[7]

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

The five remaining Hounds (Shan, Baran, Blind, Gear, and Rood) accompanied Fiddler, Apsalar, Crokus Younghand, Icarium, Mappo, and Iskaral Pust through the maze surrounding Tremorlor.[8] The Hounds served as protection from the hordes of Soletaken and D'ivers following Shadowthrone's false Path of Hands to the Azath House. They also proved as a deterrent against the rage of Icarium. During the journey, Shan was wounded while battling Gryllen's seething mass of rats. She later attacked Icarium when he appeared to begin raging, although he easily tossed her aside. Shan killed a D'ivers Dhenrabi by jumping into its mouth and attacking its insides, but cringed in the presence of Moby, the Bhok'arala familiar.[9][10]

In The BonehuntersEdit

After his experience on Drift Avalii, Cotillion felt he could no longer completely trust the Hounds given the mastery the Tiste Edur seemed to hold over them.[11] But one or more of the Hounds still tended to accompany Cotillion on his travels inside and out of Shadow. Shan and the other Hounds followed Cotillion to Seven Cities when the god visited the recuperating Mappo Runt.[12]

Ganoes Paran used the Deck of Dragons to call upon Shadowthrone to enlist his help against Dejim Nebrahl. He warned that he planned to release the Deragoth against the T'rolbarahl. He asked Shadowthrone to send his Hounds to Seven Cities because the Hounds of Darkness would surely seek out their counterparts and it would be better if this did not occur in Shadow. Shadowthrone reluctantly agreed.[13]

The Hounds found Dejim Nabrahl west of Y'Ghatan as it hunted Masan Gilani and herded it into the path of the Deragoth. After the Deragoth killed four of Dejim's forms the Hounds of Shadow swept in and Baran snatched up its last remaining body in its mouth. Then the Hounds ran southward into the wastes.[14][15][16]

The Deragoth pursued the Hounds all the way to G'danisban where Shadowthrone saw a way to eliminate multiple problems. The Hounds burst into the camp of Onearm's Host outside the city sending Sweetcreek and Futhgar tumbling. Hurlochel saw pure terror in one Hound's eyes as the Deragoth followed.[17] Inside the city, Shan was the first to enter Poliel's Grand Temple where Ganoes Paran had pinned the goddess with an Otataral shard. Also present was Quick Ben, who Shadowthrone had lured to the temple knowing the otataral would prevent his escape. The mage was there to save his sister, Torahaval Delat, who had been marked for death by the god of Shadow. Baran dropped Dejim Nabrahl while Shan and the other Hounds went for Quick Ben. The mage and his sister were saved only by the sudden appearance of Apsalar, who fought the Hounds using a Shadow Dance, and the skeletal Telorast and Curdle.[18]

The Hounds were forced to depart empty handed as the Deragoth arrived to tear Dejim Nebrahl and Poliel apart. Returning to Shadow to lick their wounds, they were suspicious of Cotillion whose magic they sensed in the dancing figure that had repelled them. Shan paced in circles, twitching and bleeding.[19]

In Toll the HoundsEdit

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Notes and referencesEdit

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