The Sharrs were a family of mages living in Exile Keep on the shore of the Dread Sea in Assail. Their bloodline was corrupted by inbreeding and they were locked in eternal battle with the Sheers, a nearly identical family who also lived in the keep.[1] The head of the family was known as the "Sharr of Sharr".[2]

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In AssailEdit

Both the Sharrs and the Sheers, gripped by paranoia, turned on the Crimson Guard Fourth Company led by Cal-Brinn. They accused the Guard of plotting against them. Cal-Brinn and other Guard members lured the mages away to allow Iron Bars and his Blade to escape.[3]

Later, when the bulk of the Guard under K'azz D'Avore passed the keep by ship, they were attacked by Geth and Lurnan Sharr. Geth killed five Guard members before he was dispatched.[4]

Ultimately, the entire Sharr family was wiped out by members of the Kerluhm T'lan Imass in their quest to eliminate those beings with Jaghut bloodlines.[5]

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