Assail & environs

Assail and northern Bael

Shen was a powerful warlock who occupied a fortress on a huge rocky outcrop known as The Spur, which towered hundreds of feet above the Weeping Plains in Bael.

He was a slim, erect figure wrapped in shadows with large, pale claws and an amber gaze.[1] He boosted his strength by bleeding power from an ancient ascendant that the People of the Wind knew as "Father of the Wind", but who others knew as Osserc.[2]

The SpurEdit

The fortress could be reached through a central staircase within the Spur or by a basket hanging over the side of the fortress into space. The basket was controlled by an apparatus at the Spur's top.[3]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

Hired by the Nabrajans, it took the Crimson Guard more than a year to finally get past Shen's defenses and confront him directly. Greymane ran him through with a two-handed sword, though Shen did not succumb immediately.[4] When he died, Father Wind awoke and attacked the invaders.[5]

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