Sher' Tal was Horsemaster - a high ranking position among the Adwami of southwestern Jacuruku - of tribe Saar. The Saar were not only traditional blood-enemies of tribe Hafinaj, but members of the Saar routinely also despised Adwami tribes and families who were longstanding allies of the Hafinaj - the Awamir tribe in particular. The Horsemaster tended to be argumentative and intolerant by nature. Sher' Tal had a long, thick, black beard that he wore braided and tied with leather lacing when serious fighting was in the offing.[1][2][3][4]

In Blood and BoneEdit

Sher' Tal and the Saar were part of a temporary amnesty and coalition of some twenty Adwami tribes and families[5] who - along with the Warleader and his mercenary army - had undertaken a major campaign against the Kingdom of the Thaumaturgs in northwestern Jacuruku.[6]

Sher'Tal had a particularly acrimonious relationship with Ganell, a chief of the Awamir of the Adwami and a loyal ally and longtime family friend of Prince Jatal's tribe, the Hafinaj.[7][8][9] The Horsemaster also greatly disapproved of the Warleader and refused to take orders directly from him. The Saar warriors of Sher' Tal remained in the forefront of the fighting until the very end of the Adwami campaign.[10][11]

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