Shi'Gal Assassins were K'Chain Che'Malle bred for cunning and a Matron never produced more than three assassins at any one time.[1] Their flavours were anathema, preventing any manner of alliance. Should one of them decide that the Matron must be expunged, the remaining two, by their very natures, would oppose it. Thus, each Shi'gal warded the Matron against the others.[2]

They were twice the height of a K'ell Hunter, although gaunter with retractable talons slick with neural venom and with eyes able to see the body heat of their prey.[3][4] They had wide, foreshortened snouts with needle-fanged mouths and nostril slits capable of picking scents off the wind.[5][6] Unlike their K'ell Hunter kin, they could live more than ten centuries and potentially outlive their Matron.[5]

When it was time to kill, the Shi'gal Assassin could cloud the minds of his victims.[4]

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