The Shoals or Mael's Shoals of the Forgotten, was a legendary place where the Elder God Mael sent those who displeased him. It was a becalmed sea of complete quiet with a pale, colourless sky and monotonous horizon. Crowded with a fleet of ships of all description and millennia of flotsam and jetsom, the sea was so salty that nothing could sink.[1]

Visitors to the shoals faced mazes of ships, some still manned by their insane crews, and monstrous eels. Time passed differently there from other realms, so even if one did escape it might be to a point years after one's first imprisonment.[2]

In Return of the Crimson Guard[edit | edit source]

Three vessels of the Crimson Guard (the Gedrand, the Kestral, and the Wanderer) became trapped in the Shoals when they attempted to use a ritual of Ruse to speed their way from Stratem to Quon Tali. Trapped in a currentless sea they were forced to drop launches to pull the ships by oar.[3] Ultimately, suitably chastened, they found a portal back to the world, but not before losing a third of their two thousand crew.[4]

Notes and references[edit | edit source]

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