A Shorning was a ritual process used by the Tiste Edur of Lether to mark someone as an outcast.

"The Shorning was an absolute thing, an irreversible act of severance. He was now outcast. To his brothers, he had ceased to exist. He would not be mourned. His deeds would vanish from memory along with his name. His mother and father would have birthed one less child. This was, for his people, the most dire punishment—worse than execution by far."
―Trull Sengar recalls the act of Shorning[src]

The RitualEdit

A circle was inscribed on the outcast's forehead with a dagger. Then a slash was cut through it to break that circle and ashes were rubbed into the wound. The outcast's hair was then roughly hacked away and smeared with an unguent to cause permanent baldness.[1] An element of sorcery was involved that was designed to prolong suffering.[2] The ultimate intent was to remove any physical sign that the outcast had ever been Tiste Edur.[3]

Shorning in other culturesEdit

In House of ChainsEdit

Trull Sengar was brought to the Nascent to be shorn for the crime of betraying his brother and people. Afterwards he was chained to a great seawall and left to die in the rapidly flooding world.[6]

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