Shu-jen was a powerful Thaumaturg of Anditi Pura, the capital of the Kingdom of the Thaumaturgs of northwestern Jacuruku. Shu-jen was the ninth of the 'Nine Masters' of the Circle of Masters, the ruling body of the Theurgists and of all of the other inhabitants of the lands of the Thaumaturgs.[1][2]

In Blood and BoneEdit

A time came when circumstances in western Jacuruku were thought to be dire enough and urgent enough that the Circle of Masters - including Shu-jen - felt compelled to undertake an extremely complex, dangerous and completely ill-advised ritual utilizing the Elder Warren of Light: Elder Light, Kurald Thyrllan. While the invocation of the ritual was underway, Shu-jen, having sensed that something was amiss, had managed to run afoul of a renegade Thaumaturg - who had unexpected powers. The renegade, determined to prevent the ritual's potentially wide-ranging and destructive objectives from being accomplished, was able to overcome Shu-jen by causing his heart to fail.[3]

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