Northwest Genabackis

Silver Lake was a Nathii settlement on a lake by the same name east of the Laederon Plateau (home of the Teblor tribes) in Northern Genabackis.

It had been captured as part of the Malazan conquest and the residents lived uneasily with a Malazan garrison.[1]

Somewhere in the vicinity was the settlement of Orbs.[2]

In House of Chains[edit | edit source]

At the time of Pahlk Orlong's famous raid, it had consisted of a lone farm with a few families.[3] When Karsa Orlong returned, four centuries later,[4] it had grown into a full-sized, walled town with hundreds of inhabitants.[5]

The current settlement was home to slavers such as Master Silgar, who raided the eastern edges of the Teblor lands to supply the town's fishing industry with workers. The slavers were so successful that they essentially depopulated the Sunyd tribal lands and had designs on the others. Some believed no more free Teblor would live on the plateau within a century.[6]

At the time of Karsa's arrival, a Malazan company, part of the Ashok Regiment, was readying to leave for Bettrys.[7] They had been summoned home to Seven Cities based on rumours of rebellion there.[8]

Notes and references[edit | edit source]

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