Sin'b'alle, whose name meant 'Lichen For Moss', was one of a group of seven broken T'lan Imass known as The Unbound. She was one of the Teblor's gods known as "The Seven Faces in the Rock". The Teblor called her 'Siballe the Unfound' .[1]

She was the only one not worshipped directly by a clan, though many Teblor children (usually those born with birth defects) were sacrificed to her. These children became her "Found" - whose faces were all horribly scarred by her as a mark of their belonging.[2]

In House of Chains[edit | edit source]

Sin'b'alle and the other Unbound swore fealty to the Crippled God in return for breaking their Vow and gaining limited freedom.[3] She and the others cultivated the young Teblor warrior, Karsa Orlong, to retrieve their lost weapons, which would sever Tellann and grant them their full freedom.[4][5][6]

Karsa attacks 'Siballe by Shadaan

Karsa freed and then banished forever the Faces in the Rock from the lives of the Teblor. Karsa and 'Siballe then had a long argument regarding the nature of imperfection. Karsa accused the T'lan Imass of never showing mercy and compassion. He especially singled out 'Siballe since it was to her that the Teblor sacrificed their 'imperfect' children. When she tried to justify her own actions, Karsa cut her in half, taking the part of her that contained her head and right arm along with him.[7]

Later, Onrack used her left arm to replace the one he had lost.[8]

'Siballe finally was given complete oblivion when Karsa Orlong threw her remaining head and right arm into the inland sea at Raraku - whereupon they dissolved and were washed out on the waves.[9]

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