The Sirinth were a race of demons inhabiting Aral Gamelon. Sirinth were larger than bhederin bulls with toad-like skin and splayed limbs. They had wide, low heads, that were predominantly jaws and fangs, and their eyes were large and luminous, and appeared to burn like fire. Despite their size, they were capable of extremely fast outbursts of speed. They did not speak, but communicated in grunts and squeals.[1]

In Memories of IceEdit

The necromancer Bauchelain kept a Sirinth demon imprisoned on the estate he shared with Korbal Broach in Capustan. The demon was chained by a rune-carved collar and chain to an area of the house's main doors to guard against intruders during the Siege of Capustan. Quick Ben and Talamandas stumbled upon the demon while attempting to sneak onto the property to take the necromancers' measure. The Bridgeburner mage promised to free the demon from its bindings if it let them pass. As soon as it was freed it turned on the pair, but by then Quick Ben had fled to another Warren.[1]

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