"A god walked the streets of Darujhistan. In itself, never a good thing. That this particular god was the harvester of souls [i.e., Hood] meant that…not only was his manifestation unwelcome, but his gift amounted to unmitigated slaughter, rippling out to overwhelm thousands of inhabitants…[in] cruel indifference…"
Hood travelling, in his mortal form, through Darujhistan – ‘touching’ people’s lives as he passed by[src]

Skilles Naver was an inhabitant of Darujhistan, Genabackis. He was the husband of Surna (who he treated very badly), the father of two young sons (who he used as his private slaves - abusing them if they resisted his wishes in any way), and the neighbor of Besk (who lived next door and so was familiar with the family's situation).[1]

In Toll the HoundsEdit

Skilles Naver, strolling away from "Gajjet's Bar", full of ale, was nearly attacked by a Hound of Shadow, but was saved by the sudden appearance of a Hound of Light - which distracted both beasts from Skilles as they proceeded to fight each other. Skilles, terrified, ran all the way home - where he discovered Surna half-packed, being in the process of leaving Skilles and taking their two sons with her. Skilles, in a murderous rage at his wife's treachery, especially at her trying to take the boys (who he considered to be his own personal property) away from him, set out to throttle Surna (who had had just time to push the boys out into the corridor for Besk - who was helping her - to collect, so that he could escape with them to safety). As Skilles reached out to grab Surna, who he considered feeble and helpless, he was fatally surprised to get a knife thrust up under his chin and straight up into his brain - thus ending any need for Surna or her sons to run away after all.[2]

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