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Korel, aka Lands of Fist

The Sky Tower, sometimes known as Skytower or the Isle of Skytower, was located on a small island in the center of the Tower Sea on Remnant Isle. The most isolated and secure of the Stormguard fortresses, it was garrisoned by four hundred men to protect the order's holiest relic. It was considered the most demanding and important posting achievable within the Chosen.[1]

The black volcanic rock tower, whose garrison was commanded by Tower Marshal Colberant, rose steeply above the island's rocky shore.[2]

Before the Stormwall was completed, the Sky Tower had been the center of attacks by the Stormriders.[3]

Spoiler warning: The following section contains significant plot details about Sky Tower.

In StonewielderEdit

After the fall of the Stormwall, Sky Tower was ransacked by the renegade Crimson Guard Skinner and his Disavowed. Ostensibly working for the Crippled God, they retrieved the fragment of the Lady contained within.[4]

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